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Exploring Africa

Exploring Africa

If you are looking for a new and uncharted vacation destination then you should definitely consider taking a trip to the continent of Africa. Many countries like South Africa, Kenya, Tanzania are really transforming the tourism scene in Africa, with more and more tourist attractions and tourism driven activities being done continuously. Africans are a deeply cultural people with a very strong appreciation for their background and heritage. Also, countries like Kenya and South Africa generate a lot of national income from tourism therefore a lot of improvement and innovations are continuously ongoing to ensure that tourists continue to find their countries an ideal and perfect vacation zone.

There is a lot of news on the negative aspects of Africa and not enough about the positive aspects of it so it is understandable that you may feel a bit nervous about taking a trip to Africa. Africa however is a huge continent with about 54 different countries. Just like any other continent, there are dangerous parts that can be easily managed or avoided.

Planning Your Trip To Africa

This is very crucial if you will have an enjoyable and peaceful stay.

Consider the following;

1. Safety; You will have to avoid some places totally for safety reasons. Visit the Foreign and Commonwealth Office to know which areas to avoid. You will likely find very helpful advice here.

2. Health; You need to get a Yellow Fever vaccination before being allowed access into some countries but you should visit the World Health Organization to know what particular vaccinations are required for the particular areas you wish to visit. Apart from vaccinations you also need anti-malarias.

3. Travel Insurance; This is also very important so that if you need any specialist help while you are there, you can get easy access to it.


There are many amazing places to visit in Africa. Below are some of them;

1. South Africa

This is a great place to visit as it is the most popular country of visit for international travelers. The main tourist attractions are the Kruger National Park, Table Mountain and Cape Winelands.

2. Seychelles

It is located off East Africa and has often been referred to as a paradise on earth. Famous for it’s tropical islands, natural reserves and gorgeous beauty, Seychelles enjoys warm and beautiful weather all year round. The main tourist attractions are AnseIntendence, Mon Seychelles National Park, Marine National Park.


Mauritius is a tropical island with warm sunshine, hiking trails and diverse landmarks. Rich in culture and tradition, it’s main tourist attractions are Black River Gorges National Park, Gabriel Island, and Casela Nature Park.

4. Morocco

This elegant coastland country has plenty to offer you. It has a lot of European and Arab cultural influences and it’s major tourist attractions are Djemaa el Fna, Essaouira and Chefchaouen.


Namibia is known for it’s special national parks. You can enjoy safari tours, horseback riding, and beautiful sand dunes. It’s main attractions are Etosha National Park, Fish River Canyon, Skeleton Coast.

You can also visit countries such as Kenya, Tunisia, Egypt, Cape Verde and Botswana. All these countries have very breath taking tourist attractions so make sure you do some research to know just which tourist sites to visit.


1. Pack appropriate clothing as Africans tend to be more conservative.

2. Don’t bother with fancy or expensive jewelry

Take your sunscreen with you

3. Always have a torch as power cuts are very frequent.

4. Be security conscious

5. Make new friends both with other travelers and locals.

6. Know the legal requirements of the country you are visiting.


1. Sterilize your water by boiling or buy bottled water from recommended sources.

2.Wash your hands regularly before eating and always keep a hand sanitizer close by.

3. Watch out for malaria. Head over to your doctor if you suddenly develop a fever with chills and rigors.

4. Wear high factor sunscreen to avoid sunburn

5. Avoid eating foods that are prepared in the open or not properly cooked.

You will certainly enjoy a fun and exciting adventure if you choose to visit Africa for your vacation. It is a beautiful and gorgeous continent just waiting for you to go and explore it. .

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