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How to Find Mistake Fares

How to Find Mistake Fares

Believe it or not, airfare pricing mistakes occur all the time. And these flight pricing errors are a godsend for all wander lusters who carry big dreams but unfortunately have small wallets. I mean, it’s like opening that takeaway bag and realizing that the waiter erroneously packed you an extra bag of fries… only that this time, it is way much better – like hundreds of dollars better. Statistically speaking, mistake fares are inevitable. With so many flights to manage and mediocre flight booking systems, mistakes that are easily overlooked are always bound to happen. And it is far too expensive and time consuming for airlines to look for and correct every other pricing mishap.

So, what are mistake fares, and why do they happen?
Well, Mistake flight fares, otherwise known as a ‘fat finger’ fares are airline pricing glitches which occur in form of hugely reduced flight tickets as a result of human errors and other factors. Apart from ‘fat fingers’ other botch-ups can also result in a mistake fare. These include:

  • Currency conversion mishaps
  • Human errors
  • Omitting fuel fees and surcharges
How do you find mistake fares?
There are several ways to identify and take advantage of mistake fare prices. In this section, I will be teaching you how to keep yourself posted, to ensure that you never miss even a single deal. Read on!
  • Read our blog
    Blogs have nowadays become the number one source of information for the internet community. In recognition of this, we have stuffed our blog and website with loads of legitimate, and reliable information on mistake fares and cheap flight tickets. We scour the internet to make sure that our blog is always live with updated mistake fare and the cheapest flight deals you can get. Be sure to make constant stops on our blog so that you can always be updated. Bookmark us to remain on the forefront.
  • Conduct broad searches on our platform to spot abnormal price drops
    Our platform allows you to conduct broad searches which make it easy to spot any abnormally skewed ticket rates. For instance, you can select the month of your departure then our system will visualize that months prices so that you can not only spot mistake fare prices but also abnormally low priced flight tickets. This technique or what I like referring to as “zooming out” helps you look at flight prices across a specific period of time- let’s say a month, subsequently giving you a chance to track ticket price drops on your own.
  • Follow our social media pages
    We all visit our social media platforms several times in a day. As a result, there couldn’t be a better way of hearing about mistake fare prices and cheap flight ticket deals than following and liking our social media pages. We constantly post mistake fares and cheap flight tickets on these mediums. Therefore, actively placing our pages on your social media news feed will ensure that you receive mistake fares and cheap flight tickets while they last.
  • Sign up for our newsletter and email alerts
    Using our flight tracking systems, we have the capacity to send you email alerts whenever ticket prices for your interested flights change. Though the chance of finding an error this way is slim, you will always get notified whenever there is a major drop in tickets prices for specific routes on specific dates.
By now, I am sure that you are in a position to look for and identify mistake fare prices. Keep coming for more killer flight deals. After all, life is all about finding the best but most affordable deals.
Do you know of any mistake fares?  Please share them in the comments below.

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