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Some Tips for a Fun Vacation Getaway to Europe!

Some Tips for a Fun Vacation Getaway to Europe!

Have you ever felt anxious about travelling to Europe? You will be delighted to know that it is one of the safest travel destinations in the world. Mesmerising cities, divine beaches and the Mediterranean Sea are just some of the marvellous experiences you will enjoy with most of the Europe. Every country in Europe is incredibly different than the next. This backpacking travel blog will help you visit the continent on a budget.

From east to west, Europe is a mixture of cultures, languages, heritage, architecture and customs all across the continent. European countries fall under different groups based on their geographical location in the continent. The 10 countries which constitute the Eastern European block are Belarus, Bulgaria, Czech Republic, Hungary, Moldova, Poland, Romania, Russia, Slovakia and Ukraine. In Northern Europe, Scandinavia is another geographical region in which Norway, Sweden, Finland, Iceland, Faroe Islands, Aland Islands, Greenland, and Denmark constitute Scandinavia.

For the first time travellers, Europe is a great place to start. Not because just it’s safe but because there is so much history, culture and difference in every country you visit that you just can’t help but enjoy yourself and your journey.

So if you’ve atleast decided that Europe is your next destination, here are some tips or things a traveller should remember when going to Europe:

1. Europe has a lot of little tiny shops where you can be pre-made sandwiches or ingredients to make your own. Buy some food, eat outside, and watch the city go by.

2. You can save money by shopping for food at discount supermarkets which you will easily find.

3. You can go for couch-surfing if you don’t have any friends to stay with. It will let you connect with locals who let you stay with them for absolutely free.

4. Get a tourist card. Europe’s local tourism offers a tourist card for all their attractions and tours. This card will give you free entry and substantial discounts on all the attractions and tours in a city.

5. You can save your money on food by eating at local pizza parlours or sandwich shops. Moreover, the street vendors will give you a taste of local authentic cuisines.

6. A camping service called Camp in My Garden allows you to pitch a tent in someone’s backyard for free or a nominal fee. Don’t miss to do this please.

7. One of the best things in Europe is tohave free walking tours in all the major cities. This can be a great way to see the city attractions, know about the interesting history, without spending too much money.

8. Don’t miss to use the ridesharing car service BlaBlaCarwhich catches rides between cities or countries. The drivers are verified and it’s perfectly safe and worth a ride.

There is much more to do in Europe of course and trying to list everything about Europe would be too difficult to do! Apart from all this, Europe boasts a rich cultural heritage and dramatic history, a diverse climate catering for all types of activities and areas of divine beauty.

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